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Telephony and communication

Business Trunk

Service description:

The adopted telecommunications infrastructure, in the form of telecommunication centres, is a perfect environment to launch Business Trunk. The service decouples establishing connections from the technical possibilities linked to traditional technology (e.g. E1), since to its provision it is enough to use already existing Internet access. It can be implemented on any hardware of software IP centre. With the use of a voice gateway, the service can be launched on traditional centres with an ISDN interface.

Range of the service:

The most important functions of the Business Trunk service are:

  • caller identification
  • selective routing of calls
  • limitation on outgoing calls
  • access to service management via a web interface
  • on-line billing available via a web panel
  • additional protection from telecommunications abuse

Benefits of the service:

Key benefits include access to a price-elastic and functionally managed telecommunications service. Rational use of owned infrastructure. Consultations while choosing cost optimised and functional solutions that will ensure evolutionary way of modernising owned resources.