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Events 2020

International cybersecurity experts build up their skills in CyberExchange programme

Computer Emergency Response Teams (CERT) and Computer Security Incident Response Teams (CSIRT) from 10 EU countries are involved in CyberExchange project. Among them are members of CERT Polska - a team operating in NASK National Research Institute. Participants exchange experience with colleagues from other countries during two-week stays.

CERT Polska operates as a part of NASK, which is one of the three CSIRTs of the national level. Team takes part in the CyberExchange programme from the Polish side. This exchange also involves employees of similar teams from Austria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Greece, Latvia, Luxembourg, Malta, Romania and Slovakia. The leader of the project is Czech association CZ.NIC.

The aim of the project is to strengthen the know-how and capabilities of the participating national and government CSIRTs/CERTs by enhancing cross-border cooperation.

- CERT/CSIRT Cybersecurity Teams are groups of carefully selected experts who can effectively operate in the event of cyber security incidents and threats. Based on their broad sources of information, they detect attacks, but also take preventive actions. This would not be possible without international cooperation and sharing of developed technical tools. There is a strong network of connections, formalized or informal, between the teams that should be developed to jointly raise the level of cybersecurity in Europe - says Krzysztof Silicki, NASK's Deputy Director for Cybersecurity and Innovation.

As Paweł Pawliński, head of the analytical project team at CERT Polska, explains, during an internship, an employee of one CSIRT visits another team for up to two weeks and participates in its work. The subject of the internship and its scope is determined between CSIRTs that take part in the exchange.

Last year in October one of the CERT Polska employees went to the Czech counterpart CSIRT.CZ, while in November another person from NASK stayed at the Austrian The Austrian team in turn sent its employee to CERT Polska. This year two experts from Croatia and one from each Slovakia and Latvia will come to work with the Polish team.

The project is financed under the Connecting Europe Facility programme of the European Commission. Its going to be continued until September 2020.