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SECURE 2019 - cyber security specialists from around the world in Warsaw

5G network, artificial intelligence, security of critical networks and services - experts from around the world were discussing current challenges in cyber security for two days. It is an opportunity to look at the protection of the network and their users from the technical, operational and strategical point of view.
SECURE 2019, which took place on October 22-23, was already the 23rd edition of the oldest and most prestigious international conference on IT security in Poland. This year's edition of the conference was opened by the Minister of Digital Affairs Mr Marek Zagórski. During the two-day conference the audience had the opportunity to hear 53 speakers, mainly experienced security researchers, many of them working for leading organizations in the industry.
- Modern threats on the Internet are such a complex challenge and their landscape is changing at such a pace that no company or analytical institution is able to face them alone. For years, the SECURE conference has been a unique place where the knowledge and skills of experts from around the world gather. People with various interests and specialties can confront their experiences and gain professional and practical support in their daily work - says Przemysław Jaroszewski, Head of the CERT Polska Department at the NASK National Research Institute.
Among the topics of this year's SECURE edition were threats related to the development of tools containing elements of machine learning. Automatic methods of attacking already use AI and this trend is expected to intensify. At the same time, cyber security experts are working on using machine learning to fight threats - e.g., to analyze malware or monitor network traffic. Another important topic is the development of the so-called internet of things,  understood as the increase in the number of devices controlled and exchanging data over the internet. These are increasingly everyday household appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines or even children's toys. This can raise concerns about user privacy. But not only that. IoT (internet of things) devices, if they are not properly secured, can be used for unauthorized acquisition of valuable data or be taken over by criminals and used to carry out an attack, e.g. DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service). One of examples described during SECURE 2019 showed the idea of causing serious threat by spoofing tire pressure monitoring sensors in moving vehicles.
The program of this year's conference had been arranged in such a way that everyone could find topics of their interest (technical, legal or organizational, policy level etc.) During SECURE there was also conducted a debate "Certification in cybersecurity". Participants discussed the implementation of the new solutions of the European Union, aimed at helping customers in choosing services and products with the highest possible level of security.
The conference is also an opportunity to establish business, working and scientific contacts. Approximately 500 IT security professionals from all over the world usually participate in SECURE.