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Events 2019

NASK’s Director meets AI researchers in the United States

Exploring possibilities of research collaboration in the field of artificial intelligence (AI), data processing and cybersecurity is the main goal of international science meeting, held in the USA at the end of March. Director of NASK professor Jacek Leśkow has been invited to lead one of the main panel discussion during the workshop.

The host of „Emerging Data Science Methods for Complex Biomedical and Cyber Data” workshop is Augusta University (state of Georgia). During two day event, starting on March 29th, many experts will exchange their research results, experience and vision. Among them there will be several exceptional speakers, who are pioneers in the field of Big Data processing. Another goal is to provide the graduates, postdoctoral researchers and scholars with up-to-date knowledge about statistical methods in processing complex data in many research areas, especially life sciences and cyber science.

Leading experts will present their research and give lectures. Director of NASK professor Jacek Leśkow, who specializes in statistical signal processing and artificial intelligence, is going to lead a panel discussion on Friday (the first day of the workshop).

For National Research Institute NASK it is crucial to collaborate with foreign partners in research projects as well as in digital services development and cybersecurity network. When I’m in the United States, I will visit four university communities and I’m going to meet their research staff. It’s important for me to tighten the relations with researchers originating from Poland. Their expertise in the field of AI and its applications may be highly valuable for us. NASK should absorb knowledge and experience from global institutions, therefore we are going to develop collaboration with research centers, universities and businesses from around the world. We are already a partner in many international research projects - says NASK’s Director professor Jacek Leśkow.

In the recent years there has been a vast growth in the amount of complex  data, provided by research in many areas, social media activity, network flow and surrounding environment. For data analysts and statisticians it is a great opportunity but also a serious challenge because of the amount and complexity of the data. Initiators of the workshop declare that their intention is to encourage data analysis experts and statisticians to cooperate with researchers from other fields in order to face new challenges in science data processing. 

Among participants of the workshop there will be one of the most renown machine learning experts professor George Cybenko from Darthmouth College, which is a member of the elite Ivy League. Another distinguished expert attending the meeting will be professor Bani K. Mallick from Texas A&M University, who largely contributed to the theory and application of Bayesian inference.

The workshop is supported by the Augusta University Office of SVP for Research, the Statistical and Applied Mathematical Sciences Institute (SAMSI), Augusta University School of Computer and Cyber Sciences and co-sponsored by ASA Georgia Chapter, CWS, IMS, ISI, JCW-Math and SRCOS.

During his stay in the USA, NASK’s Director is going to meet Mr Stephen D. Mull, the Vice Provost for Global Affairs at the University of Virginia, who invited professor Leśkow to visit the university campus and discuss possibilities of collaboration between University of Virginia and NASK. Mr Mull served as an Ambassador to Poland for two terms and he is known for his effort to strengthen the relationship between Poland and the USA.

NASK’s Director is also going to meet members of the Polish academic community in Philadelphia.