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Events 2019

Polish-Japanese talks on cybersecurity

Representatives of the largest energy company in Japan, TEPCO, came on Wednesday to a meeting with NASK specialists to talk on cybersecurity in Europe, especially in the power sector and OT networks.

The participants of the meeting focused on the cybersecurity policy in Poland and Japan, as well as on the security of industrial IT systems, in particular SCADA system.

Among the Japanese guests there were, among others, CEO of TEPCO Takashi Oishi and IT Director Junya Yamamoto. They were accompanied by Hiroshi Sasaki and Masahiko Sakurai, representatives of the local branch of McAfee Japan, the antivirus software vendor.

NASK has been implementing innovative systems in the area of cybersecurity for many years. Our solutions, based on research and development work, operate in the public and economic sector, providing significant support in the development of cyber protection of institutions and enterprises - said during the meeting Prof. Ewa Niewiadomska-Szynkiewicz, NASK's Deputy Director for Science, representing NASK during the meeting. - Currently, we are participating in several international consortia, conducting advanced and innovative research in the field of cybersecurity. We also value the Polish-Japanese cooperation within the EUNITY programme, emphasizes Prof. Ewa Niewiadomska Szynkiewicz.

The meeting with the Japanese delegation was also attended by: Deputy Director of NASK for Cyber Security and Innovation Krzysztof Silicki, Director of the NASK Cyber Security Centre Juliusz Brzostek, as well as Magdalena Górnisiewicz, Anna Felkner, Adam Kozakiewicz, Maciej Siciarek and Michał Rotnicki. Grzegorz Bojar, the Director of the ICT Department of PSE S.A. was also the guest at the meeting. There were also representatives of TEPCO management and Mr. Takashi Oishi - CEO of TEPCO IEC as well as IT and cybersecurity experts from TEPCO.