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Events 2019

Security in the era of 5G networks and industry 4.0 - NASK experts at the international conference

Taking care of cyber-attack protection is one of the fundamental needs of modern business. During the 11th TIME Economic Forum in Warsaw, experts from NASK SA presented modern solutions for companies, while representatives of the National Research Institute NASK took part in a debate on new technological, legal and systemic possibilities related to cybersecurity of business activities.

Among the new challenges that cybersecurity specialists will have to face in the coming years is the approaching deployment of 5G technology. This is the next generation, after LTE, of wireless data transfer technology. It will further increase the speed of data transfer and allow the mass use of 'smart' devices, the Internet of Things. It is also technology with which industry has high hopes. The higher the bandwidth, the better use will be made of the so-called industry 4.0, which uses the Internet to manage automatic production, sales, logistics, customer service, billing, etc.

On the second day of the TIME conference, there was a debate on "Digital security in the supply chain. How to protect organizations against cyber attacks". It was attended by experts dealing with technical aspects of cybersecurity and people specializing in legal and system solutions supporting the functioning of security systems in companies, at the national level, and in international cooperation - among them Juliusz Brzostek, Director of the CyberSecurity Centre Department at NASK. The debate was moderated by Krzysztof Silicki, Deputy Director of NASK for CyberSecurity and Innovation.

For companies, taking care of security is important at all stages of production, sales, and other transactions. During the debate, experts presented their experiences, expectations and reflections on technical security, legal solutions and good practices, related to certification of equipment or services, cooperation with subcontractors, security of supply and other areas of company activity. Together we discussed the current level of enterprises preparations to fulfill the tasks imposed by the act on the national cybersecurity system - says Krzysztof Silicki.

As he added, the landscape of solutions for device, network and data security is changing all the time. New products are created, better adapted to business processes. Also at the level of cybersecurity policy, progress is being made all the time. The system of cooperation for common security in the European Union, established by the NIS Directive, is being implemented. We are also working on a unified system for certifying devices and services. In Poland, since August 2018, the Act on the National Cybersecurity System has been in force.

During the Forum Wiesław Łodzikowski, Director of the Technical Department at NASK SA presented the lecture: "Challenges related to cybersecurity in the supply chain. What to do to protect oneself from cyber attacks", concerning current challenges as well as modern services and specialized solutions of cybersecurity for companies.

11th TIME Economic Forum is a meeting of representatives of national and foreign organizations and companies from the European digital industry. Every year more than 1000 people take part in this event. It is a place of meetings, panels, workshops. Thanks to the exchange of ideas, a dialogue of experts from all over Europe with representatives of government administration, science and business, the needs of entrepreneurs were determined, as well as the conditions and changes necessary for the development of the 5G network and industry 4.0. The Forum took place in Warsaw on 4-5 March.