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Events 2018

Technological independence - III Internet Governance Forum

Liability of Internet platforms, reforms of copyright, freedom of expression, artificial intelligence and clarity of algorithm are the main topics of the Internet Governance Forum that will take place on the 13th December at the Copernicus Science Centre.

The conference programme also includes sessions that provide interesting, non-stereotypical discussions on the ride-sharing market, digital tax and blockchain. NASK will conduct debates about fast internet for schools and security on the Internet.

The forum is the third edition of the conference co-organized by the Ministry of Digital Affairs under the initiative of IGF Poland. As in previous years, it will be a multilateral and open debate on the most important challenges and opportunities associated with the development of the Internet. 

The Forum programme is co-created by all environments: administrations, business, non-governmental and technical organizations and the world of science. Conference sessions are prepared by the stakeholders themselves for the topics they propose. In accordance with the basic principle of Internet governance, the discussion during the Forum will be truly multilateral, involving all interested parties, both in the audience and on the side of speakers.

NASK organizes two discussion panels during the Forum: "OSE - fast, safe and free access to the network in Polish schools" and "Poland 1918-2018: From Independence to digital, i.e. how to preserve freedom and security in the era of advanced technologies".

Information on the Internet Governance Forum is available on the website:

The Central European Internet Governance Forum is organized by the IGF Poland - Digital Development Forum and is part of a wider UN initiative (for more information please visit this website).