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Events 2018

Billions on the internet in schools and programming lessons for kids

In 5-10 years digital competences will be used in most professions, therefore we have to invest in their development - emphasizes Jerzy Kwieciński, Minister of Investment and Economic Development. This is to be achieved with a part of the funds from 10 billion PLN that will be allocated for digital issues under the Operational Programme Digital Poland.

The important part is also the project of the Nationwide Education Network, which in two years' time will connect all 30.5 thousand Polish schools and provide students with access to fast Internet.

 - Children are already living in the digital world and are surrounded by modern technologies. School must be a place where they can learn. Internet is a source of opportunities, but there is also a need for competent teachers, end devices and internal infrastructure. Finally, we also need e-sources that are well-filtered and tested to be sure that the Internet at school and content provided to students are fully secured - says Marek Zagórsli, the Minister of Digital Affairs.

The Nationwide Education Network will fill this gap and by 2020 it will connect all 30.5 thousand schools in Poland and provide them with access to a fast network of at least 100 Mbps. Thanks to this, lessons in all Polish schools will be conducted using new technologies and the Internet, and students and teachers will develop digital competences. The project also aims to bridge the gap between schools in rural areas and those in large cities.

NASK National Research Institute is responsible for the implementation, start-up and maintenance of the Nationwide Education Network. It will also provide a security system and educational content for schools that will be useful for the development of digital skills.