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Online threats not only in computers - SECURE 2016

Mobile technologies and IoT cause that we are connected to the network via many threads all the time, making it much easier to steal our identity, valuable corporate data or funds from bank account.

The network is also the place where espionage and terrorist activities are carried out. To deal with such threats effectively specialists must follow new trends, predict possible actions of criminals and exchange information. The 20th edition of the SECURE was the best occasion to do it. The conference was held in Warsaw on 25-26 October. This year’s edition was attended by, among others, the representatives of the European Union Agency for Network and Information Security (ENISA), the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and leading companies and institutions from IT security industry. The conference was organized by NASK research institute and CERT Polska, operating in the framework of NASK.

For two days the experts were discussing how to manage new challenges. One of them is the widespread use of smartphones and huge number of applications that users install, entailing the risk to download malicious software. Not everyone is aware of consequences, such as the loss of important data or money.

This year the SECURE conference also focused on Internet of Things – very popular trend, more and more rapidly getting into the market. It seems that breaking into the system of fridge or washing machine is not great danger (nor it is an attractive target for hackers). However, opening the door to the so-called "smart home" remotely or taking control of a car is unfortunately a possible scenario.

Mainly companies are the victims of cybercrime. Cybercriminals encourage their creativity and imagination to develop new methods of attacks. One of the most challenging threats are the attacks on privileged users, for example administrators. When criminals impersonate such user, they can easily destabilize enterprise and cause havoc in company’s resources.

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