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Events 2016

Opening of NC Cyber

July 4 saw the launch of NC Cyber (National Cybersecurity Center), an entity responsible for the security of Polish cyberspace. The Center operates within the structure of NASK, and is tasked with collecting and analyzing – as part of the National Cyberspace Protection System – information about cyberthreats, submitted by institutions participating in the initiative.

NC Cyber is an early warning and quick reaction center that coordinates the activities and serves as an information exchange platform in the case of potential attacks. The Center operates on a 24/7 basis, 365 days a year, with its activities focusing on four main areas: research and development, operations, training, and analytics.

It is the rapid exchange of information between the key entities involved that offers the opportunity to tackle the unfolding threats in an effective manner. To achieve this objective, NC Cyber cooperates with mobile operators (Orange, Polkomtel, TMobile), power sector companies (Energa, PSE, Gaz System, PERN), the Association of Polish Banks, individual banks (Bank Handlowy w Warszawie, BZ WBK, Credit Agricole, mbank, PKO BP) and PKP Informatyka.

The National Cybersecurity Center has been established in order to facilitate quick exchange of information, combine our efforts aimed at ensuring proper levels of cybersecurity, and enable us to react to any threat-related incidents as efficiently as practicable – said Minister Anna Streżyńska at the NC Cyber inauguration ceremony.

Cybersecurity has currently become one of the key elements of national security – added Wojciech Kamieniecki, the Head of NASK.

NASK’s NC Cyber monitors network-related threats, and manages the exchange of related information. The Center’s experts rely on the information gathered, as well as on the observations and analyses made, in order to issue recommendations concerning security-related requirements. NASK is also operating the Dyż team that handles reports concerning harmful and illegal web content.