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Record year for .pl domain

The 2015 year was the best period in the history of .pl domain in terms of the daily average number of .pl domain name registrations, according to the NASK’s report on the .pl domain name market for the fourth quarter. At the end of December the .pl domain Registry, with nearly 2.7 million names, held the eleventh position among the biggest ccTLD registries in the world.

Last year the daily average 3 068 names were entered in the .pl domain. For comparison in 2014 there was 2 818 names. Similarly as in the previous years, by account of the number of registrations the best was the first quarter of the year when daily average 3 165 new names were registered. The results attained during the consecutive quarters equalled: 3 132 in the second, 3 066 in the third and 2 913 in the fourth quarter.

In 2015 it was the sixth time when the number of new registrations in the .pl Registry exceeded one million, attaining a record level o 1 119 896 names. Last year the number of registrations was by 91 thousand higher than in 2014 and by 31 thousand higher than in 2011 which until now was the best year ever in the number of new registration.

The 74.4% of names registered in .pl domain were composed of only letters and the average length of names equalled 11 signs. The maximum allowed length of 63 signs is held by 17 names. Only 0.1% of names included only digits, while more often the names were composed of digits and/or letters and dashes (20.53%).

At the end of 2015 the total number of names, active in DNS in the .pl Registry, amounted to 2 681 752. As in 2014 the .pl Registry held the eleventh position among the biggest ccTLD registries in the world. Among the national registries of the European Union countries, the Polish Registry has been situated on the sixth position for the last three years by account of the number of maintained names. The higher positions were held by the Registries of Germany, Great Britain, Netherlands, France and Italy.

- In accordance with the prognosis, the 2015 year was one of the best year in the history of the Polish Registry. Over the last twelve months the .pl Registry attained a record number of new registrations – says Michał Chrzanowski Ph.D., the Director of NASK. The annual growth dynamics for the end of December resulted with 6.23%, being the highest value for the last four years. At the same time the number of Registrants in the Registry grew last year by 60 thousand, thus the barrier of one million Registrants has been exceeded – adds Michał Chrzanowski Ph.D.

“NASK’s report for the fourth quarter of 2015. .PL domain name market” (English version) is available at