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Events 2015

Poland has just celebrated Safer Internet Day

On February 10th, Safer Internet Day was celebrated in several dozen countries all over the world. This year’s theme of the day was “Let’s create a better Internet together” and it drew attention to the role of each internet user in building safe and friendly Internet. In Poland, the organizer of Safer Internet Day is the Polish Safer Internet Centre, composed of FDN (Nobody’s Children Foundation) and NASK (Research and Academic Computer Network).

The focal point of Safer Internet Day in Poland was the conference for the representatives of the educational sector, and professionals working with children. It was started by Minister Urszula Augustyn, the Secretary of State at the Ministry of National Education, the Government Plenipotentiary for the safety in schools. The event was held on 10th of February, in Multikino at Golden Terraces in Warsaw.

The purpose of the meeting was to provide a panel discussion, during which experts had a chance to answer the questions on how to effectively ensure young people safety in the Internet. The discussion was attended by Professor Maciej Tanaś from the Academy of Special Education, Monika Pieniek from the Ministry of Administration and Digitization, Jadwiga Czartoryska, the President of the Orange Foundation, Zuzanna Polak from Dyż (NASK), and Marek Kosycarz, Social Responsibility Director at Microsoft. The organizers also prepared a cycle of presentations relating to safe and positive use of new technologies. Among others, the most recent activities undertaken by NASK and the Nobody’s Children Foundation were presented. Furthermore, Jakub Turowski from Facebook talked about the program “Think before you share” which helps users, especially teenagers, to be mindful of what type of information they can share publicly. At the end of the conference the participants watched the premiere of the new feature film “Forever” which is devoted to sexting phenomenon among young people.

The motto of this year’s Safer Internet Day celebrations is the role that each person using the Internet can play in building a safe and friendly online environment – said Julia Gursztyn, the Coordinator of the Safer Internet Program at NASK. It should be remembered that even the best security software for parental control or antivirus protection is only the supplement to education on opportunities and threats you face when using the Internet - concluded Julia Gursztyn.

As every year, the organizers of Safer Internet Day encouraged schools, NGOs, companies, and private persons throughout the country to support the event by organizing local initiatives in the area of the online safety of the youngest net surfers. This includes educational classes, happenings, information campaigns or competitions. All activities can be reported at Every year the organizers of the initiatives receive a set of educational materials that are helpful for starting local campaigns for online safety. This year the educational set consisted of, among others, materials concerning the “Think before you share” campaign organized by Facebook. The authors of the best initiatives received attractive prizes sponsored by the Orange Foundation, and New Media.

Local initiatives are great way to promote the idea of a safe and positive use of Internet. Every year we are surprised by energy and creativity of their organizers. During last year celebrations of the SID there were 1262 such actions. We hope that this year the number of initiatives registered on the Safer Internet Day website will be larger – said Szymon Wójcik, the Coordinator of the Safer Internet Program at FDN.

This year’s celebrations of Safer Internet Day in Poland were held under the honorary patronage of the Ministry of National Education, the Minister of Science and Higher Education, the Minister of Administration and Digitization, the Office of Electronic Communication, and the Ombudsman for Children. The main partner of the event was the Orange Foundation. Microsoft and Facebook were also among the partners.