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Events 2015

Polish specialists in cybersecurity best in the world

The Polish IT specialists ended the 2014 year with taking the first place in the general classification of “Capture Flag” – the international competition in the field of IT security. Poles turned out to be better than teams from the USA, Russia, Germany and Japan. The winning team was made up of the specialists from IT companies, including CERT Polska.

Capture the Flag is the international series of contests. Within the set time period teams solve the tasks concerning, among others, the web and native applications security, reverse engineering, cryptanalysis, theoretical computer science and IT forensics. The tournaments are held in two types. In Jeopardy-style competition teams consisted of several players spend 24 to 48 hours to solve from twenty to fifty tasks in different categories. The second style of competition is the attack-defence. Here each team is given a machine and has to develop the own security solutions while looking for vulnerabilities and attacking the other team’s servers.

The CTF tournaments are held throughout the world on average every couple of weeks and last from 8 to 48 hours. The competitions may be attended by 10 teams – for cup-finals, up to 2,000. The competitions can be conducted both online and offline. In 2014 the Polish team Dragon Sector took part in 33 events in total, winning 7 and reaching a podium in 18 of them. The Dragon Sector has among its members two specialists from CERT Polska team, operating in the framework of NASK, the research institute. Since its launch in 1996, the core of the team’s activity has been handling security incidents and cooperation with similar units worldwide, both in operating and research and development activities.

- Taking the first place in the CTF tournament means a tremendous success that proves top skills of the Polish cybersecurity specialists. We, the NASK’s research institute, are proud to be able to support the team – says Piotr Kijewski, the Head of CERT Polska team - The human factor is one of the key elements that affects the IT security level. High-level specialists, who can quickly and professionally handle with cyber threats, are without doubt the most valuable resources for any economy - emphasizes Piotr Kijewski.