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Strategic Projects

NASK carries out strategic projects for Polish public institutions in the field of cybersecurity, digitization and data archiving, and training.

Our major projects are:

  • ARAKIS-GOV is an early warning system reporting threats on the Internet. It has been developed by NASK-PIB to build network security landscape overview and to support detection of new network threats. Events correlated by the system are received from various sources, including honeypots, darknet probes, firewalls and antivirus systems. Advanced analyses are possible due to the unique system architecture of distributed sensor network. A distinctive feature of the system is an innovative algorithm for automated creation of attack signatures for newly detected threats.

  • ACADEMICA is the project carried out by the National Library of Poland and NASK. It  was created under the auspices of the Foundation for Polish Science and was funded within the Operational Programme Innovative Economy, Measure 2.3. Based on the system of interlibrary lending we developed the system of lending electronic versions of books and scientific journals that can get to wider than ever group of readers. The main aim of the project is to complete, and in the future to replace traditional interlibrary lending system by lending publications in digital form.
  • Safer Internet Project is carried out by the Polish Safer Internet Centre (PCPSI), that is formed by NASK (the coordinator of PCPSI) and the Empowering Children Foundation (ECF). The Project was implemented first under the European Commission's Safer Internet Programme (2005-2014), and now operates under the EU's Connecting Europe Facility programme - CEF. The aim of the project is to increase public awareness of the threats while using new technologies. The Centre undertakes the activities aimed at educating children and parents,  raising competence of professionals in the field of safe use of Internet, fighting against illegal and harmful content on the Internet, and also helping young Internet users, parents and specialists in cases of risks associated with the use of the Internet.

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