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Virtual Internet Techniques Laboratory

The Virtual Internet Techniques Laboratory allows NASK and other research entities to conduct testing of highly efficient industrial infrastructure. Equipped with six high-speed routers connected to multiplied 1 GB/s links and the necessary administration infrastructure, the Laboratory offers a high-end testing environment for those working on traffic control and analysis, virtualization, security and new online services. The Laboratory offers also a latest generation network tester, allowing to measure the trafiic in a reliable and precise manner.

Biometrics Laboratory

The Biometrics Laboratory is lavishly equipped with a wide range of biometrics devices and software, and, in particular, with commercial equipment on which numerous advanced access control systems used worldwide are based. The Laboratory is a location at which own equipment and prototype systems are desgned and built. These are indispensable in application testing, as well as in obtaining biometric samples for the need of devising new recognition methods and techniques offering high level of biometrics-based security.

CPU/GPU Cluster

The CPU/GPU Cluster is a modern computational laboratory consisting of several dozen machines with Intel Xeoni AMD Opteron processors, as well as NVIDIA Tesla and AMD FirePro graphic processors.