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More dangerous incidents and new threats

CERT Polska has just published the report on Polish Internet security issues. The team operates at NASK within the structure of the National Cybersecurity Center (NC Cyber).

According to the data presented in the report, in 2016 the team handled 1926 incidents, by 32% more than in 2015. Among the most serious threats affecting Polish Internet users, it is worth noting poor security of IoT devices, Mirai botnet attacks, as well as ransomware attacks used for data kidnapping.

- Each person using Internet can become the target of attack. Fortunately, more and more users are aware of that – emphasizes Przemysław Jaroszewski, the Head of CERT Polska, and adds – the year 2016 was the period of greater awareness of threats and watchfulness of cyber threats, but unfortunately the year when our predictions were confirmed.

Forecast about the IoT-related security threats became the fact. It turned out that you don’t need a computer to become a victim of cybercriminal or a tool in his/her hand. The biggest attacks on global corporations were carried out with ordinary webcams or home DVRs owned by unware users. In many IoT devices the password set by the manufacturer is very easy to guess ("0000", "1234", etc.). There are also no easy-to-use, dedicated systems that secures them. Cyber criminals reprogram these devices remotely, creating the network of infected machines that allow them to carry out target attacks on a company’s server. Overloaded server stops working properly. In addition, the method of building Mirai botnet was published on the Internet. In Poland over 14,000 devices were observed daily.