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About NASK

NASK is a research institute subordinate to the Ministry of Digital Affairs. Our key activities are related to ensuring the security of Internet. The National Cybersecurity Center, operating with the structure of NASK, is tasked with responding to cyber security threats in the network.

NASK carries the scientific and research & development activities, as well as R&D activities in the field of security, reliability and efficiency of the ICT networks. Biometric identity verification methods in the security of services hold important place in our institute. NASK is also the Polish national registry of Internet names in the .pl domain.

Educational activities and popularization of the information society idea play crucial role. NASK Academy conducts unique trainings for companies and institutions with particular focus on the ICT security. For years NASK has been carrying the European Commission's Safer Internet promoting the safe use of new technologies and the Internet among children and youth.

In the framework of the institute – in NC CYBER - operates Dyż, that responds to anonymous reports received from Internet users about potentially illegal material, such as pornographic content involving a minor.